How to add method in abstract class

Dear All,

In LedgerVoucher class, I added below method and compiled.I got no error

VendAccount lastVendorId(VendAccount _vendAccount = ‘’)
VendAccount = _vendAccount;
return VendAccount;

but while posting packing slip or Invoice i got the below runtime error as shown below:

As the ledgervoucher class is a abstract class, it is causing some problem. Could you please tell me what exactky is the problem and how to resolve it.


Error executing code: Wrong argument types in variable assignment.




This is typically caused by not compiling all relevant objects - try to use Compile forward on the LedgerVoucher class. If you have such problems in your application, it may be worth to compile the whole AOT.

If it doesn’t help, analyze which line of code throws the error.

Hai Martin,

Fantastic and superb. Thanks a lot.