How to add inventory unit in On-hand inventory form

Hi everybody!
First to mention I’m not a developer, I’m trying to get the inventory unit of measure as a column in the on-hand inventory form AX2012.

I know that this field (UnitId) is in the InventTableModule table, where ModuleType = ‘Inventory’ and I can relate it for every on-hand item with the ItemId field.

Can anybody help me doing so with simple steps or guide me to some blog/tutorial where this is explained?
Many thanks in advance

If you want the unit Id only for display without sorting/filter, then you can add method
\Data Dictionary\Tables\InventTable\Methods\inventUnitId to this form. (for reference on how to add a display method to the form see,…/aa595058.aspx)..)

Or else you need to modify the related query by adding InventTableModule table to,
\Queries\InventOnhandDim (for this you need to know about the queries,…/bb314753.aspx))

Many thanks Kranthi