How to add Hyperlink to the field in grid


I have custom field in grid, the field is sales order Id.

Now I need to provide the hyperlink to that field and when user clicked on this it has to open sales order form with selected sales order Id.

Kindly assist if any knows how to achieve this.

Hi Hariyadav,

Is there any relation between your table and sales table…? if not try to use jumpref() method. And also see this thread form dynamics community

Have you set the EDT for your field sales order Id? What is your AX version?

Hi Karnthi,

My Ax version is Ax 2012 R2

The field I have it in list page(ReqPoTransListPage) and the EDT of the filed is InventTransRefId, becuase I am populating this filed from ReqPo Table and the filed if RefId.

Now my custom filed can have sales order Id or planned order or Production order.

And my client asking to make this field as hyper link so that it can open the source form of value in the filed.

Please suggest how can I achieve this.

Then you may also need Type of the order (Example - InventRefType) and then you need a filed fixed relation at table level. Have a look at \Data Dictionary\Tables\SalesLine\Relations\ProdTableRef

Hi Kranthi,

Could you please explain what exactly I have to do.

Below is the form screen shot of custom field in list page.


Hi Gopinath,

There is no relation between my table and sales table.

Hi kranthi,

As you suggested I have given relation in ReqPo table as inventreftype is “Sales” and ReqPo.Customfield is Salestable.SalesId.

but still not getting the desired result.

Can you please suggest?

Did you added inventreftype field in ReqPO table? If so, are you updating the value?

Just right click the salesid field and select view record then field changed the colour blue thats all…

In reqPo table already the field Inventreftype present Kranthi…

Sorry for the confusion,
there is field called Reqreftype in ReqPo Table…is that the same or do you want me to add?

Check the value of RefType in the table when you have the sales id in your custom field and use that RefType value in your relation.

When The value is Sales order in ReqPo table, reftype can be different types…how can I relate this …
please suggest

Hi Kranthi,

adding more details to the query.

I have a custom field in ReqPo table which contains either Sales order or Planned order as a value.

To make the field as hyperlink, I have given a relation with salesTable like “RefType” value is sales and custom field value is equal to salestable.salesId and

Relation with ReqPo Table like …“RefType” value is Planned Order and custom field value is equal to ReqPo.RefId.

The field converted as Hyperlink but if custom field value is Planned order then it is working fine, in the case of sales order also it is opening the default planned order form.

Please suggest.


What is the RefType value in this case? (check the field value in table)

in both cases reftype is same (either it is sales order or planned order the reftype can be same)

Then your relation may not work. You relation will work if the RefType = sales.
For reference see, \Data Dictionary\Tables\PurchLine\Relations\SalesTableRef

Hi Kranthi,

I have created new field(type) to distinguish between sales order and planned order…and I have given relation as you suggested above (\Data Dictionary\Tables\PurchLine\Relations\SalesTableRef) with sales table(Salesorder) and reqPo (Planned Order)Table …but still I am getting the sales order form when click on planned order hyperlink.

So you are also updating the new type field with value sales/planned order?
Have you specified any EDT on PeggingId field?