How to add Help in NAV RTC?


How do I add changes in the "Help " in NAV 2009 RTC? Is it difficult to do that? If someone can explain or give some details, it will be necessary.


Did you have a llok at the [Help Toolkit for Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 SP1]( Dynamics NAV 2009 SP1 Help Toolkit)?

Next to that: read this thread:

If more info needed then come back.

Thanks. I have the whole package downloaded. But I need to have some feed back from you guys before beginning that work. Is it long? easy ? I dont have that much time for the present implementation and I am evaluating the time frame to do that task. Any help will be appraciated.

If your are started from scratch (both knowledge and the help itself) it will take you quite some to really understand the whole thing. I recall when working still at Microsoft and our team was starting up and I toke the Online Help(OLH) upon. It toke me at least a month to get the first OLH projects ready. This was due to:

  • learning the tools
  • learning the OLH setup, i.e. the various kinds of topics, the usage of links and other references
  • collecting the content and fully understand the application it addressed
  • writing the topics
  • getting others to review it

And yes, this all depends on how high the quality bar for this is set. Wrinting OLH at MS is addressing a huge audience. For this the qulaity bar is probably much higher as it is for a customer solution.