How to add fields and allow filtering for "InventOnhandItem" table view

Due to Dynamics Product number restrictions (20 char) we need to use the “Product name” field for our staff to understand what products they are looking at. This required us to add this field to various places, such as the on hand screen.

The problem we have, is that when we add fields to these views, we cannot sort/filter by them. Is there a way to configure our lists so we can add/join fields and then use them for sorting/filtering?

Like when I click on “search name” I can filter, but I cannot do this on the “Product Name”

Thank you in advance to the gracious dynamics gurus helping others on this forum!

Using the product name is more complicated than the search name, because it’s stored in a separate table (EcoResProductTranslation) with 1:n relation and the right record is selected based on user’s language. The reason is that the name can be localized to multiple languages. The logic showing the right variant (and taking product dimensions into account) is usually implemented as a display method, which seems to be your case too. But you could use a join instead.