How to add drilldown links to AX 2009 SQL reports?

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I am trying to create some SQL reports from our AX database. I want to know how I can add links in the report which open up particular records in AX? eg if I have a customers account ID in the report, how do I open the customer account in AX from the SQL report?

Also, is it possible to add SQL reports into AX? Maybe on the homepage, or as part of a role center?


This is an interesting question. I’ll have to see for myself some time if this can be done. The following article might help you to accomplish such:

How to open a form in a running Ax client from an external application

Hi Naz,

Regarding SSRS reports for Dynamics Ax, Saveen Reddy’s blog will get you started. In particular -

this -

this - AND

this -

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