How to add Digital Signature on Sales Invoice Print

Hello Everyone,

I am looking for Digital signature,Its a certificate in a pen drive with validity.

Currently user save sales invoice document from AX in PDF and attaching digital signature from pendrive in PDF and reprinting the document in which digital signature with user name is appearing on the document.

I want to call this certificate in AX it self during print of document.

Is it possible in AX 2009?

Hello Experts,

Any idea?

It is really possible in AX 2009 or this functionality is only available in AX 2012 or D365?

Anybody knows?

Printing to PDF is handled by SSRS, therefore if you want it during printing, it would have to be done by SSRS.

A better approach may be adding a signature to the generated PDF. You can use .NET libraries for working with PDF files from X++ (via .NET Interop). For instance, I think that iTextSharp can be used for adding a signature.

Thanks for reply Martin

In our case Sales Invoice report is a Morphex report, so is it possible in Morphex report?

Also what is the Standard process of adding digital signature on sales invoice i.e. after generation of PDF or while previewing the report.

Sorry, I forgot about MorphX reports. I would still use the same approach, though.

No, I don’t think that AX 2009 has such a feature, so there is no standard process.

So you mean to say that it is possible with .NET libraries (iTextSharp).

What will be the code for that after adding reference of iTextSharp.dll.

Can you pl. help.

That’s just one possible library. You can find examples on the internet, such as Adding a Digital signature to a PDF with iTextSharp.

Hi Martin,

Sorry for too late reply, I need to add dll file in bin directory & after that in references or just call that method in X++(if yes then how to call c# methods in X++).