how to add a new row( SeriesCollection) to a Chart

Hello, Again Using follwing code simply creates a a chart in Excel. oExcelSheets := oExcelWorkbook.Charts(); oExcelChart := oExcelSheets.Add(); oExcelRange := oExcelWorksheet.Range(‘B3’,‘C12’); nGallery := -4100; // Konstante xl3DColumn nFormat := 1; nPlotBy := 2; // Konstante xlColumns nCategoryLabels := 1; nSeriesLabels := 0; bHasLegend := FALSE; oExcelChart.ChartWizard(oExcelRange, nGallery, nFormat, nPlotBy, nCategoryLabels, nSeriesLabels, bHasLegend); I now want to ad a new row to the chart in Visual Basic i had to follow this code: ActiveChart.SeriesCollection.NewSeries ActiveChart.SeriesCollection(2).Values = “=Tabelle1!R3C4:R12C4” Does anybody now how i can handel that through automation ?? Regards Ufuk Altinkaynak