How to add a new AX company to existing SSRS reports

Looking for some help with this issue. I have a new AX company defined. Previously defined SSRS reports do not allow me to select this new company in the report parameters. How do I add a new company to the SSRS reports parameters so it is available for selection/use?

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Try creating new report parameter say CompanyID, then manually add newly added company ID as one of the value of the parameter. This should let you select new company as a parameter to the SRS reports.



in the report manager… when u click the particular report…,… to be display… then filters will be diplay… u can find four tabs naming “view” , “properties” like… click on Properties in that u can find parameters/… … then u can check the pick box for AX_company… it will be rendering in SSRS… Filters


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in precision design after previewing am having lot of parameters so i have to keep on scrolling the scroll bar each time if i need to preview it ,so is their anyway to allign some of the parameters to the right

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