How to add a line break


I try to generate a line break, like this:

showmoreDetailsAddress := LocLocationtClientMethod.City + ‘,’ + ‘’ + LocLocationtClientMethod.“Post Code” + ‘,’ + ’ ’ +

But is still generates still this:

AMSTERDAM,\1043AP, sdljkglsdjkfg

Which version and client is this [mention:6e7353d298594b1585ec19a21ad3a22a:e9ed411860ed4f2ba0265705b8793d05] ? And where are you using this? Page or report? Or?

Ok, didn’t see you tagged it as NAV 2009, but classic or RTC?

Hi Erik,

I am using microsoft NAV 2009. ANd it is just a textbox. And I have set Editable = NO.

I even tried this:

showmoreDetailsAddress := LocLocationtClientMethod.City + FORMAT(char13)+
FORMAT(char10) + LocLocationtClientMethod.“Post Code” + ‘,’ + ’ ’ +

Oh, sorry, Textbox was not set to multiline. So problem solved!!

Good you solved it.

Just a tip. When formatting addresses there is already a ton of “goodies” in the FormatAddress codeunit. I normally always use this codeunit. Either one of the “out-of-the-box” defaults, or building new functions using the same patterns as the existing formats. That way it becomes very easy to access and re-use the same functions again and again, and you know where to go when you want to change address formats.