how to access the sql server data from navision

hi all,

I am santhosh kumar.i have a small doubt .how to connect the sql server to navision and how to access the data from the navision. how to put the navision data into the sql server.Is there any chance that access this navision data from outside application.

Navisions client with the SQL Option takes care of all communication to and from the SQL Server, including access tot he data. As a user you should not worry about that!

As data from NAV is in a standard SQL Server database, then you can access the data with the normal SQL database tools, like MS Query (etc. to insert data into Excel), but you should be very carefull when updating data from external resources, as you do not have direct access to the business logic (the code) behind the tables.

If you want to know exactly how the NAV client communicates with the SQL Server database, then you can use a tool like Profiler, but that requires that you have a very good understanding of SQL.

As Erik says once it is in SQL …you can just go to query analyser and find the DB then you can see all tables.