How system creates planned transfer order, when run the master planning

Dear All,

How the system creates the planned transfer orders, based on demand after running the master scheduling. How to configure for planned transfer orders. Please help in this regards.



Hello Nanjappa,

Suppose you have a Demand forecast for warehouse WH2

Then you go to Inventory and whse management\Setup\Inventory breakdown\Warehouses

Select WH2 and in the Master planning section, select Refilling, in the Main warehouse field, select the warehouse that is supposed to supply WH2, for example WH1. WH1 doesn’t need any particular configuration for this situation.

Then when you run master planning, and depending on the coverage type for the items, it will suggest planned transfer order from WH1 to WH2, and if WH1 doesn’t have stock, master planning will suggest planned purchase/production orders for him.

Or on the item coverage setting define the planned order type as transfer order on the demand warehouse/site and define the replenishment site/warehouse.