How system auto suggest new Sale delivery date if changing in promised delivery date from Vendor

I currently have a question regard to the auto-update on promised Delivery date as the result of changing the vendor delivery in case of running Inter-company Master Planning.
Please take a look at the below detailed description for more information:

  • There is inter-company relationship between company A and company B
  • Company B order from company C
  • Company B will deliver to company A
  1. Create Sale order in company A with Requested Ship date and Requested receipt date as May 25th 2017
  2. run inter-company Master Planning
  3. System will suggest the Planned PO in Company A and Planned PO in company B (to company C). The Delivery date in company A will be May 25th and May 15th in company B
  4. Firm Planned PO in company A to generate inter-company Sale order in company B. Requested Ship date and Requested Receipt date in company B will be May 15th.
  5. Then updating the PO delivery date in company B to May 20th due to the delay from the Production from company C
  6. Then run Inter-company Master Planning again
  7. System will suggest action message to cancel the PO in company B in stead of delay the Sale order in company B and PO, SO in company A.

My question is that: is there anyway to delay the SO in company B and PO, SO in company A in stead of cancel PO in company B?

For more information, please take a look at the image attached.

Change the confirmed delivery date in the Company A SO and see the impact in Company A - you presumably have it all setup so running IC MP will give you the answer.

If you set the confirmed delivery date on the line (or header and push to the line) of the sales order in Company B it will update the PO in company A with the confirmed delivery date - this will then impact on the SO for the end customer, but no dates are updated, planning will give you action messages etc. that you need to react to.

Thanks Adam for your reply,
Actually changing the Delivery date on Sale order in company B will impact delivery date on PO and SO in company A (after running IC MRP) → I already tested and it worked.
But it does not make sense that we change the Sale order delivery since we got delay from Production from company C, therefore we need to update the “Confirmed delivery date” on PO in company B.
After that i got action message to cancel this PO and another Planned PO would be created with delivery date as May 15th (as the original one).
I got stuck at that point.

Ah I see my apologies.

That comes down to your item coverage settings and the configuration of action messages etc. To stop the cancel suggestion your item coverage needs to cover the period of the change and allow the action messages to advance/postpone.

Review your item coverage settings in Company A for the item and make them work to enable you to get a rescheduling message and get the correct PO dates etc.

Hi Adam,
It worked by updating Coverage group → Postpone margin, advance margin and action time fence to cover the changing period on Purchase order in company B.
But you also need to set up default Site and Warehouse for that item in “Default order setting” to be affected.
Then Delivery date on SO in company B will be delay accordingly by delay in PO delivery date.

But another problem come up that the PO and SO delivery date in company A did not updated.
I think We need to update Delivery date on SO in company B, then run inter-company again to be affected in company A.

Thanks a lot for your suggesting.
Hieu Le

You need to update the delivery date in SO in company B to flow the change to the PO in A and let planning react.

Not sure you needed the default site and warehouse settings, but you would have needed item coverage at the site and warehouse not just the coverage group on the item.