How Record.GET function works?

I everyone, am new to MS Dynamics NAV.

I want to know when we ll use Record.GET function and how it works…?

I mean it works only for setup tables, because in setup tables, we ll empty the primary key field, since only one record in setup tables.but it won’t works for other type tables, for example master tables… even it works for other tables also, only in case of if table contains record with primary key fields are empty in it. So we can fetch only this record. because we can’t insert more than one record with empty primary key fields…?

I just want to know, when, what and how to use this function???

If u didn’t understand pls replay me.

Thank you

If we know the Primary Key fields of a table then we need to use GET.

Read help file for more help

Thanks for ur replay.

I gone through the help file, u have given.

What i understood, if at least one of the record primary key fields are empty in a table, then we can use just GET function to retrieve only the record which has primary key fields are empty and in a table if none of the record primary key fields are empty, we must use GET(field1,[field2],…); rite?

Yes. true…

but we will have primary key fields blank for setup tables with one record.

Thanks [:)]