how Matrix Form work?

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i could really use your help in knowing how the Matrix box to the right works(consisting of matrix header).like how the header presents a data and how many times? it doent seem to be fixed! in each table the matrix no is differnt.

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awaiting your replies.

It will change according to whatever you choose in Show as columns. Thats how its not fixed other wise no use of matix form.

i chose the header as No. field! i created two tables with No. has Matrix header, in both the tables the no. of times the matrix appeared was different. so how does this header thing work imran?

Sorry i didnt get your question. Are you working on matrix form or what? please xplain more.

yeah i am trying to create an matrix form for table with some fields. we are aware that matrix form has 2 parts. left side and right side! there is no problem in creating the left side! only wen we come to right side where we have the matrix header i seem to have queries.

like if the is no matrix header then the form cant be run! shows label error! so i kept an field in the header part! and cant understand its working!

Do i make any sense?


I didn’t get much but what i can see right you have problems with the right part. Why dont you study other standard forms carefully and see how it is done especially the matrixheader.

i have done it prior to posting here. but cant find/understand much. i want to know

  1. how the header works?

  2. is there a way to control the no of times the matrix appear in a form?


  1. The matrix form is built on a buffer table which is Dimension Code Buffer. All the standard matrix forms are built on this table. This table holds values temporary during navigation of the form. This buffer table will be filled according to what ever you want to fill in it. Forexmaple values of Period, values of dimension , values of Gl account etc. This is how the header works.

  2. As i understood you may having problem witth filling the buffer table. Buffer table should be first initialized and make sure no records present in it then fill with values. You probably not deleting first and you get alot of same values.

Maybe this will help:

thanks Matt,

but i am doing it in NAV 2009, this is for Navision 4.0SP1 W1.

And moreover they havnt given what i am seeking!

yeah you are absolutely right! i do have problem with that. 'm filling it with No. but the same value is repeated in all the columns. like the header and the fields have same value for all.

And the no of columns keep differing.


6574.error1.bmp (2.25 MB)

this is the error 'm getting now! i did as you asked. assigned an text with no values and linked it to my field. didnt give any values. though will run and see but is getting this error!

can anyone please tell why?


Something wrong with your lable control , it has some ID of control as parent which does not exist. Go and check properties of label control. What do you mean assigned an text with no values? I am not sure what you are trying to do here.

that i have kept an text box from tool designer and given the source expression as a field from my table which has no value!

Do i make sense?


You are having problems with matrix header, why you created new text box for? I am sorry but its not making sense really. You need to go back and step by step see what you doing.

mmmm see i will post an image and explain.8357.er1.bmp (2.25 MB)

See here imran,

i have marked the matrix right side with RED ARROW, the header with ORANGE LINE, and the columns with BLUE LINE. As you can see i hav assigned the matrix rightside with an field from my table for which i have not assigned any value. but atleast the header should work right! even in the header its blank. And the no of columns appearing is a problem, since i dont know how they are generated(i.e. the no.)

do i make any sense now @least?

Yes you are making sense. If there is no value there shouldnt be any header, header shouldnt be working. Remember that header is also like a variable who takes its values from table. Header is not contant. Its not like a usuall form where header (column name) still appears even there are no values. Its not like that.

The header takes values from the values in table.

Go to Item Card → Item → Items by Location. This is perfect standard and simple matrix form you use as reference. Here you will notice that as header there are Location names. Ther locations are coming from Location table. If you delete values in location table there will be no header at all. Dont delete just saying that :).

Please take this Item by location matrix form into your consideration and design accordingly.

oh sure i will check that out now



In item location, they have kept he header as code and the grid’s body is inventory right.

is there a standary way to combine or can we combine any 2 fields?


There isnt any standard way , you can have any sort of combinations. Just you must have an idea of when & how the matrix form should be used.

I think by now you must have understood that :slight_smile: