How many Tables Effects on when Invoice and Shipping New Sales order?

How many Tables Effects on when Invoice and Shipping New Sales order?

Post Invlice and Shipping in Test Database/Cronus Database.

Go To posted Shipment and Invoice.Click Navigate…

You will get the answer.

What exactly do you mean by “table effects”?

You mean to say which table holds data after posting Invoice & Shipment

Posted Invoices goes to table 112 & 113

Posted Shipment goes to table 110 & 111

Dimension goes to table 359

G/L Entry goes to table no 17

Value entry

Tax Entry

Detail tax entry

and so on

Just use Navigate (As Mohana Suggested) and check the tables.

k . Thank u[Y]

If THAT’S the question, then Navigate only gives part of the answer. Navigate only tells the main tables. There’s also an effect on many other tables, but it depends on how your system is setup.

If you use items or not, if you sell fixed assets, g/l accounts, resources. if you use serial no’s/reservations etc. Posting even has an effect on number series. It also depends on which version of NAV, which country etc.

If you really want to know the exact answer then before you post your invoice then you go to File > Database > Information. Then select Tables. Here you select all and copy to Excel. After the posting then you do the same and copy to Excel. Now compare the two results.

But remember the results will be different depending on what you actually post on the invoice (items with/without reservations/serial nos./resources/fixed assets/g-l accounts etc.)…

Kindly verify correct solution/answer.

Or you can activate Code Coverage and check in classic.