how many db files ? how many partitions ?

Hi, I read all the RAID configuration advices in this forum and they helped a lot. Now I would like to get an advice very specific to our new Server: My configuration on Compaq Proliant Hardware is Windows Server 2003 / Attain 3.6 Native DB 2,8 Ghz, 2 GB RAM 14 x 18GB U320 15K rpm RAID1 (dual scsi bus) (The controller was about 1500 Euro) Database Size is 35 GB and 50% is currently in use So I was going to do the usual stuff and create 7 DB Parts with 5GB each but are there other options with a slightly better performance ??? 1. Create more than 1 database file per disk on a single 18gb partition. 2. Create more than 1 database file per disk on more than one partitions per disk. Someone wrote that you should “try, not to use more than 5 GB per file” but someone else wrote that “there might be a performance penalty if using more than one file per disk ?” So how many db files ? how many partitions ? Thanks Dirk

You won’t gain anything by creating more files on the same disks. I think You started in the right direction. Create one 5Gb file on each disk. The ideal solution would of course be 16 files (each on 2.2 Gb) on 32 disks in RAID-1, but 15K SCSI disks costs money, I know. Remember to turn of the write cahce in the controller. I think it’s enabled by default on Compaq controllers.