How load CSV file


How can I load CSV file using X++?

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This was discussed many times here. I did a quick search for you and found following posts -

If those doesn’t help, please do a thorough search as this was discussed many times here.

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see this link,


Now base on CSV file how can I create new order?

Which Order you want to create???


I have Ax jobs to import sales and purchase orders. If you want, please send me your email address.

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if you have send me the import purchase /sales orders.

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Please send me your email address.

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I want to create sales order

I therefore suggest you read the replies and do what someone has asked you to do to very kindly give you your solution.

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May I get Job for Purchase Orders only. My mail ID is

this may help you…

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Plz send me the XPO of job to import the sales and purchase order to my mail

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Here is one situation as in visual studio project, i have created one project and i added the service from ax 2012 and that service include Inventable, RetailInventTable ,etc… I can add or get the fields from the service but only the standard fields. The newly customized fields are not comingb in the service. So how to get the customized field to the service so that i can use those fields in my project…

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