how increase the MSMQ size ?

when message send from .Net applcation into MSMQ

the following error occurs

Insufficient resources to perform operation

The messaege size is greater than 4MB.

All other message working fine, send and receive message from .Net application to Navision.

how can i increase MSMQ message size.



4 MB is the MSMQ message size limit when processsing ASCII messages. (It’s 2 MB for unicode). This can’t be increased. You might have a look at

I’ve never tried this but it may help you to resolve your issue.

This is for biztalk, but i am sending message using Navsion.



You are still using MSMQ. That’s where the limitation is.

Can i use BizTalk adopter rather than MSMQ Bus Adopter to sending messages using MSMQ, like BizTalk Message Queuing Large Message Extension


give me some example with source code.


Only if you use Biz Talk…