how i prevent duplicate value for credit and debitin customer statement report

I have report found in this link:…/wrong_output.rar

as you see in link above there are duplicate value one value found in debit and same value for credit this report about customer statement(number id 50078) report and i take screen shoot to problem already attached with this report

as screen shoot above for customer je-tc-2042 he already debit with 15000,25000 but this number repeated again in credit field why after he posted to sales order

why this problem made the users enter the value one time but repeated two time one for credit and one for debit

I am pretty sure that nobody is going to download your file - You have to add your screendumps directly into the message-form here on the site in order to get people to help you.

why after i make post to sales order Then select invoice . same value displayed two time the same value displayed in credit filed why displayed in credit field .it must only in debit filed only. in database i check already found also in credit field meaning report not problem why this value repeated two time


in 6/09/2012

Company ship to this customer quantity 30 by price 500 then debit field must show 15000 why 15000 displayed also in credit field in database i open detaile cust ledger entry table i see them there in credit field how i solve this proplem and why it make

are any one know solving to this proplem

Is there any customization ?

thank you for reply customization like what

i notice when i ship quantity like 20 then i make price as 300 then result must be 6000 this value display in cust leg entry table in debit side but in detailed cust ledge entry table display in debit amount and credit amount in both with same value are this true

No it should not show . I feel something is wrong or there will be some customization.

can you tell me what is different between cust ledger entry and detaile cust leg entry and after i make post-ship to sales order this posted must be put in which table

any one now answer to this question