How I make a new report look like Analysis by dime

Can I make a new report look like Analysis by dimension so show as lines is “G/L account” and show as columns is “Global dimension 2 code”.


Information : At G/L account I filter G/L No. = 70000…78000 G/L account. At Global Dimension 2 Code is “Department” I set up Dimension Value Code between 001 … 599 which Totaling is 001…199 and 200…599

My problem is how I can display Global Dimension 2 Code show as 2 columns which show totaling with first column filter 001…199 and second column filter 200…599 for each G/L account no. This report is very difficult for me , please help me thank for advance klum

I got the answer already, someone help me and maybe usefully for somebody :slight_smile:


1. Make a report based on G/L Account. 2. Declare a global Decimal variable of 2 dims (on the properties of the variable) name i.e. GDamount 3. on the OnAfterGetRecord of the G/L Account data item do something like: "G/L Account".SETFILTER("Global Dimension 2 Filter",'001..199'); "G/L Account".CALCFIELDS("Balance"); GDamount[1]:="G/L Account"."Balance"; "G/L Account".SETFILTER("Global Dimension 2 Filter",'200..599'); "G/L Account".CALCFIELDS("Balance"); GDamount[2]:="G/L Account"."Balance"; 4. Add to the detail of the G/L Account two text boxes with source expresion to GDAmount[1] and GDAmount[2]. In case you want to make it more dynamic, then you could add the number of columns or set of filters on custom variables and place them to the request form, so you could run it with more columns…