how get comment of tracking details of workflow history?

Hi everybody,

I have a task to customize “purchreq” report with screen name is Purchase requisition report.

But I still don’t know how to get comment of tracking details.


8/9/2010 03:02:29 pm:
Pre-condition: Chairman of PRC evaluated to true.

8/9/2010 03:04:39 pm:

Completion type: Single approver

8/9/2010 03:04:32 pm:
Approve action taken by: User Name here
Comment: chairman approve… comment here

Thanks in advance [:)]


Phuong Tran.

hi this code will help you

WorkFlowTrackingTable workFlowTrackingTable;

WorkFlowTrackingCommentTable workFlowTrackingCommentTable;

;///get recId from PurchReqtable…

while select WorkFlowTrackingTable order by RecId where WorkFlowTrackingTable.ContextRecId == purchReqTable.RecId


select firstonly workFlowTrackingCommentTable where workFlowTrackingCommentTable.TrackingId == WorkFlowTrackingTable.TrackingId;

print workFlowTrackingCommentTable.comment;

print workFlowTrackingCommentTable.TrackingMessage;


Hi people,

I have two questions about workflow history:

  1. Users can not see company in workflow history and also in lower form, is it not possible for them to see Overview and Work items tabs. I tried with all combinations of rights, but it is working just with admin rights.

  2. We have WF on LedgerJournalTable and I would like to add there for specific group of users (buton in yellow toolbar on form) rights to delegete, cancel and etc., also to see WF history through that yellow button if they are not creator of that particular WF. Is that possible?

Thank you very much in advance

Kind regards