How does Viva Engage integrate with Dynamics CRM (Sales)

Previously, you could access Yammer in Dynamics and post via Dynamics which would add a record link to the message on Yammer but it would not sit on Dynamics timeline. We are now using Viva Engage (old Yammer) as our communication tool but we need to integrate with Dynamics CRM so that the messages sit on a records timeline.
Does anyone know how to integrate message into the timeline?

Ah great question. I think all of Viva is in preview still, isn’t it? Chris Cognetta has been diving into Viva for Sales but I’m unaware of anyone who has used Viva Engage so far… hope someone chimes in soon to help!!

Also, if you are interested in learning more about Viva for Sales and Dynamics 365, check out the latest episode on the CRM Rocks Podcast: Viva Sales with Chris Cognetta | CRM Rocks

Thanks Heidi - I’m testing Viva Sales as well so will def check out CRM Rocks Podcast :slight_smile: :grinning: