How does Navision report 7380 work???

Anyone know how report 7380 works??

When we run it out of the Whse. Phsl. Inv. Journal as long as we don’t click items not on inventory it picks up everything that needs to be counted. If we click the button Items Not On Inventory we go from 5,000 parts to 10-15. I know at least 1/3 of those 5,000 parts are in inventory and need to be counted. I open the report in design mode and there’s no table, a little cal/code but nothing even looking at qty.

Any help would be appreciated.



Hi Greg,

The logic is in the Phys. Invt. Count.-Management codeunit (7380) which calls this report. The report is a process only report and is basically being used for the request form and passing back the parameters using the GetRequest function. Don’t know why a normal form was used as it adds confusion.

Thanks Dave,


As always, Glad to Help [:D]