How does MBS-Navision handle multi co. scenario

Hi All, I am working with a prospect who is an automotive supplier to one of the automotive majors. He has 4 Co’s which have different products being manufactured , which means different sets of Items ,Vendors, Customers , BOM’s ,Route , etc . In some of these masters certain customization would need to be done to cater to there business process , How would MBS-Navision handle such a scenario , and how different wouls say Axapta handle a similar business senario TIA navi_mbs

In Navision you can have multiple companies sitting on the same database. 1. You need to buy the Multiple Companies or subsicidiary company licenses. 2. A customisation to one company will be common amongst the companies, Unless you want to have different forms based on company which is coded on pressing a menu option. 3. If you want to consolidate Accounts to one of the companies then you need to buy the Consolidation modules.

In Navision Attain, consolidation happens across G/L accounts and Dimensions. Item-level, customer or vendor level consolidation is not done in the base product. Hence, I do not think it matters if there are different sets of items, vendors, customers, BOM’s, routings, etc. As is rightly pointed out by prashycool, customisations happen on the database and hence any customisation done would affect all companies.