How do you land that first AX role?

Greetings Everyone,

My name is Camille and I am new to this user group. I have been working with various ERP systems for over 10 years. In a quest to become more marketable I took on a task to transition to Dynamics AX 2012. I have certifications in Finance and Morph X Development however I am more of a Functional Resource with a Finance and Accounting background. I’ve been actively seeking a new opportunities in the AX platform but am finding it difficult to break through and secure an AX role.

Could anyone point me in the right direction on where and how a newbie would be able to get their feet wet?

Thank you in advance for your positive feedback.


While I can’t speak for the US market, over here partners will sometimes take on someone like you and cross train then in to AX consultants. I’d suggest having a look for partners in your area and trying to contact them.


-Howard Webb