how do you export NAV objects for Extensions

I am trying to create my first NAV Extension, watching the video and the narrator says to “…use the Export NAV Application object”

He is discussing the list ob objects in text format in the OriginalObjects folder.

Exactly how do you do the export?

It sounds like a Powershell cmdlet but I have drawn a blank there.

NAV2017 installaed on local machine


Yes, it indeed is a powershell cmdlet. Watching this video may help you :-

This was written with a different purpose for exporting the objects, but the PowerShell to export the objects is the same:

You dont have to use the powershell cmdlet to export. Select the objects you need to export from NAV 2017 object designer and then click on file and export to any desired path in either .fob or .txt. This works same as powershell cmdlet does. But this is just an alternate and a better way that many follows.

Still if you need to export using powershell. Then open NAV 2017 development shell from the start button,
once opened,
Type the following with your database name and path to export.

Export-NAVApplicationObject -Databasename “mention_db_name” -Path “mention_path_to_be_exported.txt”

Thanks, it was the method I needed.
I have found I can use:
Export-NAVApplicationObject -Path ORIGINAL -DatabaseName MyDatabase -DatabaseServer MyDatabaseServer

Copied from this link:…/mt574395(v=nav.90).aspx