How do you effectively manage production with AM edition license w/no options?

Hil all!

So… with advanced management license (no options) you have access to following functionality:

  1. prod orders
  2. p-boms
  3. basic capacity planning
  4. production schedule**

**If using RTC production schedule doesnt apply.

My question is, how do effectively manage your production if you don’t have access to planning worksheet etc. There’s one report that comes to mind (Planning Availability) though it seems to only take into account forecast/sales orders etc. but not item replenishment data, i.e. reorder point,

Is there another report i should be using?

I suppose I can use order planning functionality though i need something higher level… any help would be appreciated!

Basically if you needed it you would purchase it, it is an option. Far better to purchase standard functionality than modify the system to achieve it.

Thx Adam.

What i was thinking is if there’s any standard NAV reports besides the planning availability report that can assist with managing production. The production schedule is pretty useless IMO. I’m also not interested in any modifcations.

Specifically i’d like to leverage the replenishment data on the item card… :slight_smile:

I do not believe there is any report that will leverage the replenishment data on the item card, that is what the planning and requisition worksheet do. You would need to write reports to do this. I would advise you buy the granule if you need it.

Thx adam. Case closed!