How do you create multiple types of invoices in AX 2012


I am just wondering if it is possible to create multiple types of invoices within AX 2012 and can they be automated by customer group?

I need 3 different invoice templates that contain different information on each, but when sales are printing the invoices can it automatically specify which template to use.

Where would I start?

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Hi Natalie,

I believe you would need a modification to do this, as standard AX only allows one invoice business form.

A manual work around would be to use the “Generate From Template” functionality, where you can define the required three formats.



How do you get to Generate from template and can you access that from the print management screen?

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You generate the templates from the sales order screen (sales order tab>>attachments group) not print management.

The document templates are created using Document Data Sources and Word/Excel. Once the document is generated it is stored against the sales order using document handling.

The following link will help you to setup and test: -



Did you ever achieve this?

I have faced the same issue for a client impementing AX 2009 Indian Localization a while ago . We modified standard AX which produced 2 different templates for Trading and Excise(Indian Tax)