How do you change what Report prints when hitting the "Print" button on a form.

I’m not sure if this is the right forum to post or not. I apolgize if it’s the wrong forum.

I am trying to change which report prints when the user hits the “Print” button on the form.

I look at the Print button in Design mode and click Cal Code and this is what it says.


There is no report named PrintServiceHeader. I checked the properties of the Print button and nothing jumps out as far as saying what report number is being used.

Thanks in advance…


You’re not telling us from which form you’re trying to hit the print button. Given that it calls DocPrint.PrintServiceHeader I’m guessing it has to do something with the Service Management area, so that’s my assumption. In most areas in NAV, you will find ‘Report Selection’ under the Setup node in each menu area. So for Service Management, you go to the “Service” menu, open the “Setup” node, and you click “Report Selections”.

In the form that opens, by default, you see ‘Quote’ at the top of the form, and you see a report ID in the bottom part of the form. In a standard US Cronus database, report ID 5902 is entered as the default Service Wuote report. This means that for a Service Quote, the system will use report number 5902 when the user hits the print button from the service quote form. So let’s say you created your own version of the service quote report, number 50000. The way to make the system use YOUR report instead of the default, is to change the report ID in the report selection form.

Does this help?

It is indeed the Service Module and my report is in the 50000 range.

I will check into this further. I looked in the codeunit Docprint and I see the PrintServiceHeader in there.

I will report back.

Daniel I owe you big time. I just changed it and it works great… I spent several hours trying to fix this on my own… I kept hitting properties, Cal Code, Cal Globals…

Thanks again Daniel…

You’re welcome, glad I could help, and good to hear you figure out how to make it work for you. Just as a suggestion: if you are current on your NAV enhancement plan, you should have access to Customersource, which is the official resource portal for Microsoft Dynamics. On there, you should be able to find all training material. I suggest you download all of them, and work your way through. This type of functionality is part of standard NAV.

More on this topic I am working in the Warehouse Module the Form is Posted Transfer Receipts in the History Tab. When I go to setup I am not finding any reference to Reports anywhere . Can you give me any ideas where to go to change the default for this Print Button, thank you


Administration / App.setup / Warehouse / Report selections…

as well as for others instead of Warehouse = needed application area.

Administration, Application Setup, Warehouse, Report Selections. Drop down the Usage field to ‘Transfer Receipt’, and that’s where you can enter a report of your choice.

sorry Modris, you hadn’t posted yet when I hit the reply button [Y]

Thank you both, I was looking in the Warehouse setup not the Administration warehouse set up.

That’s the first place that I looked too. It is strange that it is not available there, especially considering that is where you manage transfer orders…