How do set a Sales Order On Hold?

In AX 2012, how do you set a sales order to hold? That is I entered it but I don’t want it to ship, just wait?



Product and information management–>Common–>Released products–>Manage inventory (tab)–> Default Order settings.

Select Sales order tab as per your specific needs and check the check-box ‘Stopped’

So whenever we try to create a sale order the transaction get blocked and pop up an message the Item is on hold.



What if I just want to put a single order on hold? Is there a way to set a specific Sales Order on hold?

Select that particular sales order and in the Line details/General tab mark the field Stopped in the Status section. You can do it for a particular line in SO or all lines.

In AX2012 R3 you use the new “Order Hold” functionality - highlighting the lack of this clear functionality in prior versions :slight_smile:

Could you guide me where the functionality is avaialble in Ax 2012 R3 ?

Sales and Marketing - Setup - Sales Orders - Order Hold Codes

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