How Do I use the Journal Import in The Recurring General Journals?

In the Recurring General Journals, there is a “Journal Import” button.

  1. Is there a standard template to use to be able to upload into the recurring Journal?

  2. How do i get an excel file ready that can use this?

We are currently manually keying in all the entries.

P.S. Have only been using Dynamics NAV for about 4 months. [:)]

Thank you all for your help…

Welcome to DUG!!!

You need to learn /understand data migration utility of Navision .

You will find this in Administration Menu->Application Setup->Company Setup->Data Migration

Here you have to slelct the Table No. let say 81 for Journal & then you have to specify the Data Migration fields .

You can then Export the structure & then Import it after filling the data.

In the last you have to Apply Migration Data

Alternatively you can use dataport/xmlport to upload the version depend on the which client you are using …

Thank you very much. For what i am doing right now, this works perfectly.

Thanks again.