how do I set configuration key for a number sequence


We have upgraded one system from AX 4 to AX 2009.

In AX 2009, Basic–>Global Address Book–> Parameters–> Number Sequence tab, I could see two number sequences which were created for AccountsRecievable module!!. When we debugged the form, we have seen that the system will show all those AR module number sequences in the above mentioned form if there is no configuration key id set for number sequences, and apparently we have seen that these two number sequences which we have created do not have configuration key id set in numbersequencereference table.

How can I set the configuration key for number sequence through application? Or is our analysis wrong?

Thanks in Advance

Vinu Manuel

Basically the configuration key id will be taken from the Configuration Key that is attached to the Extended Data Type - used in for the number sequence…

From your post i understood that the number sequences that are to be displayed in AR module are getting displaed in DIR parameters…

Is this correct???

Thank you very much Kranthi. This is exactly what I wanted.!!

Now everything works fine.

And Yes, your understanding abou the question is correct. "Number sequences that are to be displayed in AR module are getting displaed in DIR parameters as well". This is because there is a code written in DIR parameters screen to pull number sequences from “Sales” module also. And only way to restrict my number sequence from being displayed in this screen is to assign the configuration key for it.