How do I run that report from a form ?

I have a ProcessingOnly Report without any DataItem How do I run that report from a form for the current record on the form? The following code in the Push trigger of the form ReworkOrder.SETRANGE(ReworkOrder.“No.”,“No.”); REPORT.RUN(REPORT::“Finish Rework Order”,TRUE,FALSE,ReworkOrder); Causes the error message below: The Finish Rework Order report does not have a DataItem that uses the table (Table 50068 Rework Order) specified in the function SetTableView

Well… the error message says there is no dataitem for rework order, and that is a pretty good indication that it needs one. A report object needs a dataitem to run, otherwise you would be better off with a codeunit. You use a processing only report to take advantage of the predefined looping and linking mechanism in the report object, but that is always based on at least one dataitem.

My guess from this message is that the Finish Rework Order Report does not use the ReworkOrder table as it’s dataitem. Is there a different table for Rework Orders vs. Finished Rework Orders.