How do I produce a 'Goods Received Not Yet Invoiced' report?

How do I produce a ‘Goods Received Not Yet Invoiced’ report? I post all delivery notes for goods to an account called ‘GRNI’ in the Balance Sheet. When the delivery note is invoiced, the original delivery note posting is reversed. At every month end, I need to reconcile the balance on the GRNI GL account, with a list of all outstanding Delivery Notes. How do I produce this list of ‘Goods Received Not Yet’ please?

Run the purchase line transaction where the line status is received. Only works as long as you do not part invoice full received lines. There is an accrued purchases report in the standard version from memory but it is not in the UK version and you need to ask your partner to add it.

You can only get this report when you make invoice against an packingslip(GRN).

In the Inventory Management → Reports → Transactions → Inventory Transactions.

Press select button - an inquiry will opened.

In the grid add new line - select table as invent transactions and field as reference - criteria = Purchase Order.

create one more line - select table as nvent transactions and field as Receipt Status - Criteria = Received.

which will return only the packing slips that are not invoiced.

Thanks for these solutions guys. Our situation is as follows:

1 - We may have part-delivered lines
2 - We may have full-delivered lines
1 - We may fully invoice part-delivered lines
2 - We may part invoice part-delivered lines
3 - We may fully invoice full-delivered lines
4 - We may part invoice full-delivered lines

So I am looking for a report which is as broad as possible when picking up transactions. I need it to find all lines which have been part or full delivered, but not yet fully invoiced. Is there a report which can do that?

The the same report with

Receipt Status - Criteria = Received,Registered,Ordered

you can use AP > Reports > Transactions > Invoice > open invoice transactions.

AP > Inquiries > Journals > select and go to particular form and print ur report

HI anthony,

open invoice transactions - report will give you the invoices which are unsettled. but not the transactions like

Goods Received Not Yet Invoiced.

Accounts payable> Reports> Status> Accrued purchases

Use this report to view details about posted purchase order receipts that have been entered, but not invoiced, as of the cutoff date that you specify. The report contains data that you can use to reconcile one or more accrued purchases accounts. Invoice details will be displayed on the report when one of the following conditions is met:

The receipt transaction date is before or equal to the cutoff date and the invoice transaction date is after the cutoff date.
The invoice transaction date is before or equal to the cutoff date and receipt transaction is after the cutoff date.

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