How do I print/generate journals for a specific period?

Hi, I’m new to Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009. One of our government requirement is to provide them journals posted for the whole year. I was wondering how do I print/generate the transactions I posted for general journals, invoice journals and payment journals for the year 2012?

Thanks a lot.

Make use of Print Journal from General Ledger → Reports → Journals(use select button and modify the query, by selecting the date field from journal Lines and choose the period in criteria, example 01/01/2012…31/12/2012)

So this how to do it… I used to place journal numbers here to print journals but it can also be modified.

thanks Kranthi…

Hi Kranthi,

When I print the journals, I noticed it printed everything, from GJ, APINV, APPAY and IC (journal names). Would it be possible also to print only GJ? Or print APINV and APPAY together?

Thanks again…

Yes, you can modify the query by selecting the Journal Type field from LedgerJournalTable and select the required types(separate them with “,” in case of multiple value selections ) For GJ select the criteria value as Daily. If you want AP payment and invoice journal use Vendor invoice recording, Vendor disbursement

You’re a genius Kranthi… Our training only focuses on booking entries with GJ, APINV and APPAY. Now because of your help, I know these things.

Thanks a lot.