How do I Post multiple Credit Memo and Wire Transfer against a single invoice

I ask on behalf of our Accounting dept. Using Dynamics 5.0.

We have a single invoice outstanding and are trying to apply a credit memo Plus and wire transfer which when both added together equal the outstanding invoice amount.

When selecting ‘Set Applying Entry’ we are only able to select a single payment. Is it even possible to ‘Marry’ 2 payments to a single invoice?

Any help or direction would be greatly appreciated.


Hi Don,

Easy application can have only one applying entry but you can apply as many entries as you like to that. In the case I would set the wire transfer as the Applying entry and the apply both the invoice and credit memo to it. This should net out to zero and allow you to post.

After posting all transactions go to the customer account and show the customer ledger entries, then select the “Apply Entries” function.

Ste the newest entry (the one with the highest date) as applying entry (Shift+F9) and set application IDs to all others (F9).

The window will show you the total balance of all entries to be applied (at the right bottom of the window).

Once you are lucky with the balance of the entries to be applied you post the application (F11).

Now all (three) entries are applied with eachother.

Thank you DaveT. As stated in your reply, this proved to be a very simple and effective solution to our puzzle. Totally makes sense when you point it out.