How do I import objects into Navision

Anyone can tell me how to export/import FOB files in navision 2.0 ?


I only have a 2.01.B Navision Financial installed on my PC but I believe the procedure is the same.


Open the object designer (Shift + F12), select File → Import, browse to the fob file and press OK.


Open the object designer (Shift + F12), mark the objects you want to export, select File → Export, populate a file name and under format select Navision Financials, Press OK.



after we import the fob file, and then how we do we know is it table?is it a form… or is it a report
thanx for your answer…

When you import a fob into Navision you either get the message:
“All the objects have been examined and no conflicts were found. Choose Yes to import all objects, No to open the worksheet, …” - choose No to open the worksheet and it will show you the fob content; you will be able to continue the import from there.

or the message:
“The objects in … could not be imported because there are objects in the database with conflicting versions. Choose Ok to open the Import Worksheet, or Cancel to stop the import” - choose Ok and look at what conflict you have got.

You also may look in download section for a tool called fobviewer - nice, little useful thing! [:)]

huehehe thanx anyway for your information
after the message like you said before I chose no, and then I could open the worksheet (ID : 99008539)
after that I search it in object designer → form (ID : 99008539)
but while i want to run it , there’s an error message said “You don’t have permission to run form …, contact system manager…”

i don’t have any idea why this could happened… because first i chose no, i could run the form

That has definitedly nothing to do with your choice in the import process, but it has to do with the license you are working with. Which license were you using when you tried first? and which one did you use later? Form 99008539 is part of the Commerce Gateway granule, which includes objects nos. from 99008500 to 99008699. You should either be able to run all of them or none.
You may check License Information on the Tool menu. Scroll to the botton and look for 99,008,502 granule. If it is there you have the granule and the abovesaid objects must work, if it is not, they don’t.

BTW - Sorry to be nosy - but what are you trying to do? [:)]