How do I get Sales in local currency?

Is there a report in Navision that I can use to show the total sales for the year in a region in their local currency? or a quick and easy way to create one in Navision or JetReports? For Example, for our North American sales I want to show the amounts sold in Canadian dollars and the amounts sold in US dollars.

Hi Wyatt There maybe standard reports that give you what you require but it is a bit difficult to ascertain given your information. How are the North American sales differentiated? Is the currency the currency of the company? the sales transaction? Or do you want to see all sales for a region in a currency defined by you? (If so what rates are you using?). The day book gives you a posting date filter and a currency filter (so it will only show the US Dollar transactions for example) as well as an ability to filter on type - so you could look at invoices and not care about the credit memos (if you want to do that of course [:D]). The downside of this is the report is a day book, so it will give you a total for each day - with a grand total ). But then again this report is probably UK only from its description! Maybe a US specific report exists? (The US guys may post additionally to this). Anyway depending upon your requirements you can adapt an exisitng report - create your own or use Jet. It should not bee to difficult [;)]

Flipping through the standard reports in the sales module, I didn’t see any report at first glance that would fulfill your requirements. Though it should not be too hard to create a new one, e.g. group your customers per country (or currency code), and use table 21 (Cust. Ledger Entry) for sales data, this table does contain both the value in transaction currency (e.g. EUR, USD, etc) and local currency (always CAD for you). Of course, using this approach does only gives you sales data per customer, not for each item, this kind of report would be more difficult to achieve. Saludos Nils

The Customer Detail Trial Balance can be run to show the forex or it can be run to show LCY. Cheers Peter