How do I get Nav to prompt me when an item quantity is low?

Does Nav have a feature where it notifies you when an item is running low? I set the item replenishment to purchase and filled out those fields, and I also filled out the fields in planning to fixed reorder quantity, reorder point, etc. Then I created an order that caused an item to go from 50 to 20. The reorder point is 30, but nothing pops up. The only way I can tell if something is running low is by running the purchase advice report. Is there a better way?

I’ve also been trying to use the requisition worksheet, however, it does not show the items running low because I do not have a forecast schedule set up for those items. I’m running a Nav system that does not include forecast features. Is there a way for me to set the item and/or req. worksheet to use avg. usage or some constant as a forecast?


You do not need forecasts to get planning to work.

My guess would be your components at location field in manufacturing setup is blank - set it to your main warehouse.

If you have a reorder point of 30 and 20 in stock planning WILL tell you to order, you just have not set it up correctly I am afraid.

Manufacturing setup? I purchase the items I need. I don’t touch the manufacturing page.

YOu could create a report that runs daily using the scheduler that shows any item that falls equal or under the reorder point.

if “reorder point” < “Quantity on Hand” then currreport.skip;

The setting affects the whole of planning - including purchasing, it is what the system uses as the base location when SKUs are not used. It is not my fault they put it where they put it, but it has a massive impact on the purchasing reordering if not set - it ignores inventory for example [:D]

That was exactly the problem! Thanks!