How do I get a FULL NAV trial balance???

I am new to NAV, but I am an experienced GP user. One thing I can not figure out how to do in NAV is to get a simple trial balance with the FULL gl account string. From what I can tell NAV refers to the natural segments as the gl account and any additional segments are called dimensions. My NAV has naturals, business dimensions e.g. (10 - LA, 20-OC, 30-LV…) and department dimensions e.g. (52-IT, 53-HR, 54-ACCTG…). I simply want a trial balance report that shows me th FULL gl account string and its related month end balance e.g. (5000-10-52 $1000).

The only option I’ve found in NAV so far was to use Analysis by Dimensions, assign g/l account (natural) as “Show as Lines” and then specify “Show as Columns” as either business dimensions or department dimensions. The problem is that neither option gives me the full gl account string.

I don’t think this is a difficult reporting expectation and its one GP handles easily so I’m assuming that I must be missing something here. Please help me. Thanks!!!

p.s. I also have access to JET reports if that is an option for obtaining the data in the format I want.

In the NA verision:

Report 10021 Trial Balance Detail/Summary

Report 10022 Trial Balance

hi babrown…thanks for the quick repoly. I am on on NAV 5.0. I have navigated the system and can’t find any reference to these report numbers. How do I run them or do I need to download them from somewhere? thanks

In Nav 5.0

you could find Report 4–Detail Trial Balance and Report 6–Trial Banlance

Tool → Object Designer → Report