How do I Enlarge Font Size for Dynamics GP

I get this question a LOT and I personally wish I had a good and clear answer. It’s been asked widely online over the years.

Since things change, I am asking again.

How do we effectively increase the font size for Dynamics GP text? What #lifeHacks do you use to make this easier?


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This is my goto resource:

(+) Display and font issues working with Microsoft Dynamics GP - Microsoft Dynamics GP Community


I refer for those questions most of the time to my two fav MVP’s:

Steve Endov wrote about it years ago:

David Musgrave extensively wrote about it too:

I use a combination of various settings, depending on what platform is used to run GP (i.e. local client or remote desktop published GP, TS on Win 2016 / 2019).

Every Windows version is a little different in behavior and as Microsoft’s own acknowledgement, there is no single solution.

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Install GP Power Tools and use it to fix the font scaling and enable bitmap scaling via the Dex.ini Settings window.

All explained on my blog (as highlighted by B@)

PS: I also fixed the screen output memory for report writer ages ago when you asked and now have fixed Microsoft’s bad implementation of their “fix” (just maximizing).



Thanks for the feedback - maybe I am just doing something wrong. Does anyone have a video showing this and how it changes for them?

Every company could just brand a couple dozen of these for their employees?

Hi Shawn

Did you need help still?

My blog shows before and after images: