How do i download CRONUS database for Nav 4.0 SP3?

hi friend,

I have recenrly downlaoded a CRONUS database for NAV 4.0 SP3 but accidently i have deleted it… and it not avaiable ont hat site anymore… does any one know where can i download this CRONUS sample databaase for NAV 4.0 SP3?


You can get all of the databases from PartnerSource. If you are a customer ask your partner and they will get it for you.

hi friend,

im not a customer i’ve jsut downloaded off from the net for testing purposes

Check out

If you’re not a customer then why not just download the latest version (2009 SP1) off MSDN.

hi friend,

i did download it from but it doesnt provide the database :frowning: for Nav 4.0 SP3… i didnt download Nav 5.0 SP1 becuase my system specs doent match to its specs :frowning:

Heuh, what did you download from Mibuso?

Petre, there really is no point now in learnign 4.00. If you want to learn Navision, then get a new computer and learn NAV 2009.