How do I create On-Line Help for Navision

If you are starting to learn to Develop in Navision, then we know that step one is to learn the Table and Functionality structure of the base application. I am not sure what is #2 in terms of priority, but high up there should be how to create documentation, and in Navision that means On-line Help. Of course we know that End Users never want to pay for it, so we don’t do it, BUT… If we wonted to do it how would we. Well best would be to search MBSOnline, but unfortunately (personal rant here) because people post to the wrong forum, and don’t use meaning full subjects (eg. “Urgent Help required creating line” instead of “How do I create a sales line record”) means that a search on “Creating On Line Help” brings up 50 pages of results. Its important to know that there are different versions of On-Line help used by Navision: BC - (Before Cronus) Basically you just created a very simple text file with a # code to reference table and field numbers. Basically very easy. Financial - 1.1 thru 2.01 The biggest issue, was that you MUST develop help in Word version 6, (or something like that), and then get Robocop to shoot the files up and create help, it was a real nightmare, but worked if you followed every step quote and comma to the letter. (Much like programming in Fortran). Financial 2.50 thru 2.60 They got the tools cleaned up just in time to become obsolete, you could actually use a version of Word that was available on the market to buy, and you could use third part help tools. AD - (After Detail entries). basically we move into the Windows world, and now have two options. a/ Create true Windows help files This is where we really need people to post about in this thread, since this is the core requirement for current Navision versions b/ Company Notes - these are great but have just one fatal flaw. You can only create company notes IF the Online help already exists for this Table-Field/Form/Report etc. For some bizarre reason, they do not allow you to simply create a HTML file and link to F1 if help does not exist. So not matter what, A above is critical. Since Company Notes support HTML, the help files can be stored on the web, and be accessible anywhere. For example if you develop an Add-On, you can create a series of Company notes that have direct links to your web site (<a ref= /a> This way, if you update your help for an addon- all your clients instantly have access to the new help. So I want to post references here, and would ask those with experience writing on line help to post help here. Especially usefully, would be a simple step by step of conversion old 2.60 help files to 3.xx or 4.00 so: Help guide from John Tegelaar The original link page Create Company Notes where no On-Line Help exists Navision and chm Help Files Print Navision (3.01) helpfile (chm) to Word *Since I like paper, this post has helped me a lot over the years. Thanks Andre Robo Help Tool Online help system Company Notes - Help needed to Setup/Implement Help Function In Navision 3.60 works slow or hangs Linking a Helpfile with Navision HELP field association Create Help Files Robo Help Software On-line HTML help error $global_Hide Creating Help Files Robohelp Unsafe ActiveX Control message - assist. requested Linking new Helpfile to Navision Helpfile Including help file :

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I am trying to get some on-line help together, so when I saw Satyajit’s post, I thought this could kill two irds with one stone.

one more link :
Online Help Guide for Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Just as a side note, they have done away with company notes in 5.0, so I wouldn’t spend much time with that.


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