How do I add the Demo Company - Cronus?

Hello all,

please, I have installed NAV 5.0 and MS SQL Sever on my PC. I am running NAV with SQL server option and I have created a new database. But I will be glad to know how to add CRONUS company within the database I have created.

Thank you

If your database is empty (so does not contain any NAV objects except for some system tables) you can achieve this by restoring a NAV database backup. This can be found on the product cd/dvd here: \Dynamics NAV 2009 SP1 W1\CsideClient\CommonAppData\Microsoft\Microsoft Dynamics NAV\60\Database.

Note: be sure you have created your database using the NAV classic SQL client. So it should not be a database created using SQL Server tools like SQL Server Management Studio.

Thanks so much Luc Van… your answer was a solution. God Bless you and continue with the Good things you have been doing.

Thanx for the blessing ‘Ghanafriend’. Seeing your name in a glance my heart jumped. Kwese … Addey … Gaha! Ghana is one of my countries having a great friend in Dzodze, VR! Mawulo (as the Ewe say). [Y]