How can we invoice fraction quantity say less then one?

In D365FO how can we SO invoice fraction quantity i.e. less then one for example 05, 03, 07 etc?

I understand this is possible via configuration somewhere in the quantity/unit.

Please advise how can this be done.


Do you mean 0.5, 0.3 and 0.7? It should be the same as any other quantity, if the unit allows that. It makes sense to invoice 0.3 ton or 0.5 hour, but not a half of a nail, for instance.

Hi Martin, absolutely got you the point I have trying to make. Please advise how can this be achieved in D365FO.

How can I enable fraction setup please?

Could you please explain what problem you are facing?

And which unit are you using?

Per Day / One Day unit.

Expecting to be invoiced in fraction say 0.25/1 and at present system does not allow to process such invoices and bill customer.

Thanks in advance.

Could you please provide more details? What exactly do you mean by “system does not allow to process such invoices”?

Also, I still don’t see any information about the unit of measure.

Measuring unit be 1 day. Say 1 day be equivalent to 8 hours and day service rate is £800.

For example if services has been delivered for only quarter a day. I should be able to raise SO invoice for only quarter a day i.e. 0.25 in the quantity field against unit price £800 (0.25x800=£200).

Hope this explains. Thanks

Okay, I see, but what kind of problem do you have with it?

The system doesn’t allow you to set the quantity in SalesEditLines form? Or you get an error during posting? Or what?

Don’t know how to set above configuration if it is possible. Thanks