How can we find out our inactive customers?

Dear group members ,

I am new user to Nav , I want to know how can we find out our inactive customers with the help of Nav ( In active customers I mean , people stop buying from us )
Also i need help how to send emails to aged accounts automatically .

Thanks ,

Hi Ash,

Welcome to DUG.

The first part could be found out quite easy. You could go to the customer list set filter on the Dates you want to see, then the answer is in Sales (LCY).

As for getting this into an email is quite a different job.

It would require that you use the CRM functionality in NAV. Here you would define a new segment (AGED ACCOUNTS). You need to specify the include all customers, but exclude any with sales in the period. The result is a list of your aged accounts. A list you can merge with a Word template and email.

If you have not setup the CRM system or contacts, then you will have to do that first.

Once you have setup this, then you can either re-update the segment, or copy the segment (where you may exclude those included in your last “campaign”) and run it again.