How can i show form on temporary table?

Hi, all Can i show form on temporary table? SourceTable relate only to really tables. It means that i must create buffer table and show it.

I am not sure exactly what you need, but in order to show a form that is based on a temporary table: Inside of the calling object, define a Record variable, and set its properties to Temporary = Yes Define the form as a variable TempRec.RESET; TempRec.SETFILTER([Filter Statement]) MyForm.SETTABLEVIEW(TempRec); MyForm.RUN;

It doesn’t work

Please elaborate on the problem, do you mean you have already tried this?

Hi Fokin, If you mean “Can you call a form that works on a temporary version of an existing table, such as the contact table”, it is possible. See the function “CreateInteraction()” in the contact table (Attain 3.60). FORM.RUNMODAL(FORM::“Create Interaction”,SegLine,SegLine.“Interaction Template Code”); In this instance, the record “SegLine” is a temporary table. When the user presses the finish button, the record is copied and inserted into the real table. If you mean “Can you create arbitrary tables on the fly”, then the answer (I believe anyways) is no. Regards, Edward Peggs

Thank you very much Edward. It works fine. for any form number N is enough FORM.RUNMODAL(N, RecTmp)

Please be aware that the critical element was the RUNMODAL