How can I see the output for currency rounding setup?

General ledger > Setup > Currency > Currencies > Prices > Rounding rule and rounding method

I set ->Rounding rule 0.000

→ Rounding method → Rounding-Up

How can I check this working Correct or Not

You can check with unit price on sales and purchase order lines.

Hi Kranthi…,
Thank u for your reply

I set Rounding rule 0.0000 but sales order unit price was 0.00 It’s not working …,

How I changed Price is 0.00 to 0.0000 in both unit price on sales and purchase order lines

where I changed …,

Not sure what do you mean by this?

Setup a price for item (example - 99.9) and use that item in sales line or purchase line. You could see the rounding rule effect.

price: 1.0087 gets changed to 1.01

I need AX to accept the 1.0087 price.

Price will be shown in two decimals.
See this on how the rounding works,…/

But I need Price will be shown in at least 3 decimal. Is there any possible

It has to be customized.

if you don’t mine pls tell how to customized…,

You have to identify the EDT and update the noOfDecimals property to 3.
Keep in mind, that changing the EDT will have an impact on all the places where it has been used. (Before changing look at the cross references of the EDT to analyse the impact).