How Can I round the real value of table in report 2009

Hai friends…
I have the table with Itemcode as String and Qty as Real

Now i created the report. It displayed the values correctly.

But i need to print the value of the Qty as Rounded Value.

i searched in Internet that shows Decround() funtion that convert to round

but i want to print that rounded value in report Could You help me???


Help meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee…

Use Round function with display method.

thanks for your reply syed

Where i want to write that display method in table or Report or in Autoreport

and how can i retrive the round number for whole record in the table

You can write the method at table or report level and add a new column to the report and specify the method.

U can use Decround function in Display method at report level…

i din get output pls… clealy tell me how should i need to write the coding in display method

Why don’t you simply look into standard code? You would find plenty of display methods, even many with rounding (use display.*round in Find dialog to find them). totalNoTax() in CustVendCommunicationReport_IT is one of such examples.

Thanks For ur Reply martin

i tried that same coding in my report but it print 0.00 for all the records

already i tried that same display method in both table and report level it gives same 0.00 value

is there any site to learn about that else do u have any example ot share with me…

Place breakpoint in your method. If it’s not called, your report doesn’t use it correctly. If it’s called, check data you’re using there.

Just looking at the report solves nothing - you need to find what’s the actual problem. Just asking people won’t help you.